Mental Health, Excercise and Team VHAP

On Wednesday 10th October 2018 our team of staff chose to take part in Odd Socks Day to help raise awareness and reduce the stigma of Mental Health. We are thankful that we had so many clients that chose to wear odd socks when attending the gym to show their support.

It gave our team a good opportunity to discuss with some of our regular attendees how physical exercise improves their mental health and overall life outlook. We pride ourselves on offering a non-judgemental and very encouraging environment.

Below we have chosen to share some of the great comments received on our Odd Sock Mental Health Awareness day!

Col Fock: Exercise does improve mental health. It takes your mind off things, clears your mind and helps reduce stress. Especially in an environment like [vector] there’s a lot of social interaction and laughter and it helps unwind.

Des Bendall: Well, it certainly improves my outlook on life and exercise gets me out of the house and gets me mixing with people. The social aspect of exercise is good for my mental health and it drags my old soul out of home. The setup here is very warm and well maintained and it’s a good system that I feel at home.

Mavis Bendall: It’s stimulating and gets me thinking. I like coming [to vector] and doing my exercise and having a chat to people other than just the old fella at home. The socialising and conversation is really important to me to help me get out of the house and do something productive. It’s even more important for people that live on their own to have a comfortable way to socialise. I think exercise makes me more tolerant of people and things in life and I feel that pushing myself in the gym to be better each time keeps me motivated. I don’t try to keep up with the Jones’ because that doesn’t matter to me. I just focus on being the best Mavis I can be. Exercising stops age from catching up with me. I’ve been coming for 7 and a half years and I still love having a go. How many gyms can you go into where there’s a whole bunch of old farts and they all talk to each other? But here, here is home.

Bob Leslie: I do think exercise improves mental health. Exercise helps me think clearly and concentrate more and I feel less stressed since starting. I definitely forget less.

Suzy Kellett: Why does exercise improve mental health? Well, it’s clearing your head. You’re thinking about other things and not thinking about yourself. It’s good for you. I mean it feels good and fulfilling.

Noelle Frazer: I would imagine that exercise improves mental health. To me improving mental health is finding ways to take your mind off yourself, any way you can. Doing things like exercise or a hobby or just being around other people definitely helps. I’m not a psychologist but that’s my two cents.