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ONLINE – Cardiac and Diabetes Exercise and Health Program


The above video is about our diabetes and cardiac program, which VHAP online is a virtual version of!

Knowledge is power

Hi, my name is Mitchell Guthrie, Exercise Physiologist at Vector Health and I have a massive passion for helping those with chronic conditions such as Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease.  Life is a journey and it takes lots of different twists and turns.  Illness can be one of those turns.  In all my study and research, I have been disappointed with the lack of support for people online when they do have an illness that can make it really hard to exercise, especially going to the gym and feeling like there is no-one that understands or can help you.

The programs below have been developed and launched to help more people like you, to be able to exercise and feel firstly safe, and help you develop knowledge so you can do it at home, or go to the gym and feel confident.

Do you have any of the following problems?

  1. Poor Sleep Patterns
  2. Feeling out of breath doing normal tasks
  3. High Blood Pressure
  4. High Cholesterol
  5. Type I or II Diabetes
  6. Repetitive blood sugar lows or highs
  7. Anxious about doing physical activity – scared of what might happen
  8. Sick of people not understanding your medical condition
  9. Have no idea of what exercise to do, how to do it
  10. Have no idea of what exercise NOT to do
  11. Relatives, friends keep telling you to exercise

What will you gain from this program?

  1. Critical knowledge of why exercise is helpful
  2. Critical knowledge of what NOT to do
  3. Applying your knowledge to help yourself
  4. Increase ownership of your health and fitness
  5. Increase self-confidence in starting and finishing a 6 week exercise program.
  6. Decrease anxiety about what exercise to do, and how to perform the right exercises to help YOU.
  7. Increasing aerobic fitness
  8. Increasing strength
  9. Increasing flexibility


An example of a real life scenario of where knowledge is power: One of my clients was walking on a treadmill at another gym. They had been in the gym for 3 weeks and were slowly getting used to what to do and how to do it.  A personal trainer came up to this person and suggested that they ran on the treadmill instead of walking to “burn more calories.”  Little did they know that this client had a lung condition, meaning if they ran, it is likely that they could have become very ill, very quickly.  As an Exercise Physiologist, I want to stop this sort of thing happening, by directly educating YOU, the clients on how to manage these sorts of situations and how you can do exercise in the comfort of your own home first, very effectively.  My client managed to avoid becoming ill, because they were very well aware of their medical limitations and were not afraid to tell the personal trainer this.

This program will safely improve your health as quick as possible get you back to doing what you love most. We have tailored programs to help you achieve your goal whether it be not knowing what exercise you can safely do without causing a hypo reaction or simply going back to physical activity after cardiac surgical procedures. If you have a cardiovascular risk factor such as hypertension, high cholesterol or have had a surgical procedure some years ago and need to get more physically active to improve your health, this program is for you. Likewise, if your Blood Glucose Levels are always fluctuating, you are continually having hypo attacks and have been told to exercise but are feeling anxious about exercise, we are here to help and support you.

So, how can you start with exercise for  your Diabetes or Cardiac Conditions? 

We have three main options of online or face to face coaching.  We try to tailor to your experience, and health level so please, if you are not sure on what you should do, please call us on 4927 8190, or if easier, email mitch@vectorhealth.com.au with your phone number and we will contact you to help you decide.

Option 1: Online 6 week trial program

Do you want to just take our program for a test drive, without having to fully commit to a longer-term timeframe because you are not sure how exercise will help you?

This program is for people who have not exercised regularly, but who would like to start, and who are unsure about going to a gym, and want to do the work from home.  You are reasonably confident of following a basic program and your medical history and current condition/s are considered stable.

Then, our online trial program is for you.  You will receive the following:

  • Initial Questionnaire sent to you to help your program be designed (Approximately 15mins to complete)
  • 6 week graduated exercise program based on your questionnaire results.
  • Email support
  • Entry into a Facebook Private Group as part of the program.

Cost: $49.95 all inclusive.

To purchase this program click on the link below

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Option 2: Online – 6-week Tailored Program

If you have a complicated medical history and need specific guidance on what exercise to do, then this is the program for you. Whether you have Diabetes or a diagnosed Cardiac condition (or both) we will design a program based around your history to help you become more active! If you think you need to start exercising or have been told by your GP that you need to become more physically active but are anxious because of the various conditions you have, this program is best suited for you!

What is included?

  • Initial Email questionnaire to help us understand your medical history and current medical situation.
  • Initial 30min phone consultation to help develop your customised program.
  • Weekly “check in” via email – and weekly programming, allowing for finer adjustment to your progress and allowing quicker reaction to any health changes during the program.
  • Online support via email and Private Facebook Group

Cost: $249.95 upfront or $44 per week direct debit

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Option 3: Face to Face – 6 week intensive program


If you live in the Rockhampton or Central Queensland region and have diabetes or a heart condition, and want to learn about the RIGHT and WRONG exercises to do with your condition, experience a non-judgemental, yet results-based group and you are ready to make a commitment, then this option is for you!

This program works either of two ways:

You can have a Medicare funded referral from your General Practioner (Please contact us on 4927 8190 if you are unsure of what this means or whether you may be eligible) or you can pay for the program privately, and some may be elligible for a private health rebate.

What is included?

  • Initial consultation with Exercise Physiologist – testing and medical history undertaken and to help set your goals for the program.
  • Weekly education session delivered via email
  • 2 supervised group exercise classes per week
  • For people with diabetes – part of the allocation of classes will be under the tuition of a qualified diabetes educator.
  • Group size limited to 16 people over 8 weeks.
  • Session times either later in the afternoon or mid-morning.
  • Supervision of sessions by an Exercise Physiologist with specialist training in delivering sessions for people with diabetes and heart conditions.
  • Membership into a group, where you will receive understanding, compassion and support to work through your responses to sometimes tough to live with medical conditions.

Cost: $310 upfront or $55 per week direct debit. (Some or all of this cost may be claimable on private health or bulk-billed through Medicare).

Please call us on 4927 8190 to discuss the options around pricing, especially with the Medicare Funding options that exist for this service.

For Pensioners – this service is bulk-billed under the Medicare scheme provided you have a valid referral.

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