Contact Sport – Rugby Union, League & AFL Athletes

Why did we start the Rugby Program?

Lachlan Howell, Australian Stockmans Rugby Union Team 2017

“A program to develop athletes, backed by science and delivered to build self-belief in regional athletes.” Head Coach, Glenn Hansen.

“We know talent exists in country cities and towns that never gets “let out” and get to be unleashed on the wider community.  We want to unleash that talent, we want to give boys and girls an opportunity to play rugby, rugby league and AFL at the highest level that they are capable of achieving.”

We want to give you the same opportunity living in regional Australia as any other place in Australia to shine and be noticed.

Our objectives:

  1. Prevent injuries (mainly shoulder, knee, back, ankle)
  2. To increase the specific movement skill, fitness, speed, agility, strength and power to be the dominant force on the field.
  3. To work on self-belief, self-confidence and the psychology of performance from a young age.

Our Program levels

(Ages approximate – we look at ability before age as such when classifying program level).

First Starters Program 5-8 years of age

The younger an athlete, the more plastic their brains are, meaning learning is accelerated.  From experience, we find this is the case due to a lack of pre-conceived ideas or beliefs on what training should be.  We want to put more focus onto developing good patterns of movement, with the goal of helping young athletes avoid serious injury and stay on the paddock for longer during especially their teenage years.

We want to teach proper movement with an emphasis on fun.

The Hatchery –  8-12years 

In this age group we focus on:

  • Movement patterns – doing the basics but making this fun.
    • Running – acceleration, deceleration, change direction
    • Getting on and off the ground
  • Developing the basic skills of Rugby in drills and then in modified games
  • Core Strength and Mobility (gives the ability to progress to strength and power training)
  • Work capacity – teaching boys and girls how to train to be fitter for contact sport.

We do NOT push external load but moving your own bodyweight first.  We measure based on bodyweight to power ratios more than external load at this age group.  We also learn how to train hard and stay on track but have fun first and foremost!

Forward Factory

We want to correct the imbalances that we see across the board at a professional level in all contact sports. We build bulletproof athletes.

What do you have to do?

  • Follow the system
  • Give feedback
  • Commit to self-sacrifice
  • Enjoy the journey

Our process is a long-term plan with every athlete.  You meet with our program head coaches to discuss your current position across the key elements of performance in your chosen code.  We set goals together and go and destroy them together.

EVERYTHING we do in the gym or on the field is targeted towards you playing a higher quality game.  We only take 40 athletes overall in our Forward Factory. Attitude is more important than short-term performance. We often will have a long-term vision, which might mean not worrying about the short-term results, more about measuring against your own personal goals we had set.

Next Prop Model 

Within The forward factory, we run a specialised Prop/Hooker program for rugby athletes. Reasons for this is the specific nature of fitness, speed, power, strength that is required to be GOOD at these positions.

Skill is paramount to performance, and the physicality you can bring to a game can change a game by the way you interact with it!

The biggest difference here is the individualised feedback and support you receive on specific points such as:

  • scrumming
  • WHere to insert yourself running the ball
  • Lateral movement and getting to the breakdown (Fitness)
  • Lifting in a lineout
  • Throwing in a line out (hooker)

LIMITED SPOTS – 12 only. Primarily targeted at 14-18yrs of age. Focused on improving skills to be able to play senior rugby, or being recruited.


Program Success Stories

  • Liam Fletcher was contracted to the Western Force – Future Force Academy Program in 2017.
  • Lachlan Brown-Bates has been contracted into Wests Rugby Union Premier Grade side and is now playing in England in professional club Rugby.
  • Josh Wells – U20’s Redcliffe Dolphins Rugby League Squad
  • Lachlan Howell – selection in the Australian Stockmans Rugby Union Squad to tour New Zealand and Argentina in October 2017
  • Theo Fourie – Souths Premier Colts – Queensland City NRC (club champions 2019 NRC) U19.
  • William Jennison – Capricornia Rugby Representative 2018.

Are you interested?

If you are interested please click on the form below, or just email with your phone number and if you can include a bit of info about where you are, (or if you are a parent, as much info as you can about your child’s current situation) that is great.  You can call our office between 9-3 and speak with Kate Dyne, our Front Desk Manager for more information and to book a time with Glenn or Harry Gambling (Strength and Conditioning Coach) to get started.