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Beginner Athlete Development and Performance Classes

Vector Health has been enhancing sports performance through systematic training for hundreds of junior and senior athletes. We have implemented a new testing system to be conducted every 6 weeks at our new facility at 102 William Street.

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No matter what sport your preparing for, the dedicated Athletic Development and Performance trainers at Vector Health will put together a program that will help you to reach, and conquer your athletic goals!


Our Athletic Development and Performance programs work with athletes progressing through their technique, movement quality and objective strength, power, speed and fitness measures. An example of a progression is Zach Shanks, one of our featured athletes at Vector Health. Zach begun with Vector Health 3 years ago, and over those three years, he has taken his weight from 90kg to 110kg. He has taken his vertical jump from 50cm to 75cm and his maximal squat from 120kg to 250kg. In this time he has broken various Australian power lifting records and has played representative Rugby Union for the Central Queensland Brahmans at 17yrs of age. During the time that Zach has trained at Vector Health, he has not sustained an injury that has kept him out of training for more than 1 session, which is a credit to the hard work Zach has put into his training and recovery.

The benefits of the Athletic Development and Performance program at Vector Health include:

  • Greater strength, speed and agility
  • Marked improvement in both coordination and motor skills
  • Increased confidence and discipline
  • Endless endurance and improved focus

Our system is more than just lifting weights and testing. It is developing people as well as athletes. It empowers people and athletes to take charge of their body and use it the way it was intended!


Our Athlete Development and Performance program are perfect for any athlete no matter their fitness or experience level. The dedicated trainers will tailor the exercises and drills to suit you. Because every sport and athlete is different, we make sure you are getting what you need so you can achieve your personal fitness and athletic goals.

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