Zac Ramsey

Team Member Name

Zac Ramsey


Exercise Physiology

Year Commenced at Vector Health


Work Experience in the industry

  • Phase 2 cardiac rehab
  • Osteoporosis prevention/management group
  • Men’s health program
  • Weight loss program
  • Junior athlete development

What are your professional interests?

I have a professional interest in both obesity and osteoporosis.
My ideal client would be anyone trying to make a positive change for their lives and families, looking for a challenge and not afraid of trying something new.

What are you best 5 achievements

Graduating University and starting my full time career.

What are two interests away from work?

  • Sport – Basketball and Volleyball
  • Bush walking/hiking

What do you like about working at Vector Health?

Friendly co-workers and interesting clients.
With respects to current research, being able to treat my client the way I want to.