Oakleigh Benson

Team Member Name

Oakleigh Benson


Strength and Conditioning Coach

Year Commenced at Vector Health


Work Experience in the industry

I have 1 year experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Vector Health. This role has involved taking individual personal training and team based sessions, both at the Vector Health gym itself and multiple schools throughout Rockhampton.

What are your professional interests?

My ideal client is an individual who is willing and motivated to learn, listen and strives to do better in every session whilst ultimately having fun. My job is highly rewarding and doesn’t feel like work when the client is simultaneously having fun and achieving goals.

What are you best 5 achievements

Being accepted into Honours of Physiotherapy at Central Queensland University.

What are two interests away from work?

  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union

What do you like about working at Vector Health?

I love working at Vector Health because every time I walk into the gym both my fellow employees and clients are welcoming. Vector Health also has a wide variety of clients, personalities and training experience which allows myself and everyone else to feel like they aren’t out of place and belong.