Ability – not disability

Our team here at Vector Health and Performance pride themselves on creating an environment that is educated, open minded, non judgemental and most of all dedicated to ensuring each and every individuals success in reaching and achieving goals. We truely believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn new skills and be provided with support to engage in healthy lifestyle activities.

The Vector Health and Performance team have successfully coached and assisted a variety of clientele from varying backgrounds, injuries and with disabilility to achieve amazing individual results. It is through such success that we believe it is important to provide information sessions on how some of our specialised programs and support may benefit you or someone you know.

We will be holding an information session in October, please register your interest through the link below.

Saturday 20th October 2018   9.30AM TO 10.15AM register by CLICKING HERE

Shelby will be speaking about her experiences at the information session.

Special Olympics Equestrian – Shelby Davis-Hill and Performance Coach – Malachi McPhail

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