Endometriosis – Symptoms

Endometriosis affects many Australian women.
Miche Hansen, Senior Physiotherapist with a specific Interest in Womens’ Health Physiotherapy.
From the Endometriosis Australia website, here are some commonly seen symptoms of Endometriosis. Some of the symptoms correlate with other conditions, so that is why sometimes Endometriosis is not diagnosed, as generally practitioners may look for another diagnosis first.
Not all women have the same symptoms, and not all symptoms generally either. So, its very important to talk to your doctor about your symptoms if you have any of the following symptoms.  You can talk with a physiotherapist as well about your symptoms and they can communicate with your doctor. 


Pain that stops you on or around your period.
Pain on or around ovulation.
Pain during or after sex.
Pain with bowel movements.
Pain when you urinate.
Pain in your pelvic region, lower back or legs.
Having trouble holding on when you have a full bladder, or having to go frequently.
Heavy bleeding or irregular bleeding.
Its important to note the pain in pelvic region, lower back or leg pain can be seen incorrectly as a musculoskeletal issue.  What we need to work out is if you have any of the other symptoms and whether the clinical signs tell us whether Endometriosis is a likely diagnosis.
The diagnosis can only be confirmed with a surgical procedure at this time. There is no scan or blood test that can conclusively confirm the diagnosis.
So, if you have any of the following symptoms and would like to book a consultation with Miche, you can call 4927 8190, or see your GP to discuss your symptoms. Keep an eye out for our next article where we will go over some of the treatments that are available.

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