No Tobacco awareness day

In Australia alone, one person dies from smoking every 28 minutes. Imagine if it were you or a loved one, this can be prevented.

It’s a known fact that smoking negatively impacts ones lung capacity, but how? The smoke that’s inhaled contains tar, which coats the alveoli (air sacs) of the lungs, reducing their elasticity. Similar to a balloon that’s covered in a layer of dry paint, it would be more difficult to blow up than without the paint. The progression of smoking over time is like adding more layers of paint, resulting in very shrivelled and taught lungs as well as the incapacity to inhale sufficient amounts of oxygen. Ultimately these air sacs will die off, never being able to regain their elasticity or function ever again. Oxygen deficiency causes multiple complications throughout the body, for athletes in particular  it will 100% reduce their performance ability. Oxygen fuels the muscles when training, this is why we huff and puff. Smoking will counterat the purpose of training, even if we huff and puff a little more the muscles will still be oxygen deprived reducing any possible performance progress. Smoking impacts you more if you have asthma, a cold or flu, cancer etc.

A very informative article written by abc reveals some very confronting statistics. They say there are multiple smoking levels; social smoker, binge smoker and low- level smoker. They also enphasise the harm of one smoke. Every cigarette, every puff is deteriorating your lungs and releasing harmful chemicals into your body. Therefore it is vital for individuals to realise every puff does count and every puff does damage you.

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