Emily Bleney Team VHAP story!

Emily’s chosen sport is netball and has been playing for the past 10 years, with some of her highlights being captain of Rockhampton Grammar Magic Netball team in Grade 12, and then captain of the U19 Capricorn Claws Team in 2017. Emily currently plays for Colts Netball Club, and has just received a call up for the Capricorn Claws Team for the upcoming home games on the weekend of the 26th May, which is a great reward for a lot of hard work!

The most incredible thing about this achievement, is that she is also on the coming back from a serious knee injury and is nearly 11 months post reconstruction.

Emily ruptured her ACL in January of 2017 playing touch football but didn’t know the extent of the injury until some 6 months later due to pain in her knee in a netball game where they discovered the extent of her original injury.

Emily has been coming to Vector Health and Performance for the past 3 years. Initiall, Glenn Hansen helped get Emily back moving, and now she trains with Malachi McPhail, Performance Coach at Vector Health and Performance weekly and sees Miche Hansen, Physiotherapist. Together Malachi McPhail, Micheline Hansen and Glenn have been responsible for the design and implementation of the program to help Emily get back to her best on court.

Her motivation to get back ready for the season are her parents, Glenn and her entire netball family. Her advice for anyone coming back from injury is do your rehab properly and train hard.

Netball is a tough sport to get back to at a high level after a knee reconstruction. The work ethic Emily has shown and the results she has obtained should remind and inspire anyone with a knee injury that it is possible to get back to your best with a program that is personalised, evidence based and gives you confidence through progression.

Thank you Emily, a great story that is not nearly finished yet!

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