What are good exercises if I have diabetes?

Exercise for diabetes

Hi, I am Zac Ramsey, Exercise Physiologist at Vector Health & Performance.  This article is a very short, targeted article aimed at dispelling a few myths about types of exercise that are “good” for diabetes.  Please feel free to contact me about the information below at zac@vectorhealth.com.au
Everyone benefits from regular exercise.  If you are at risk of or have diabetes it plays an important role in keeping you healthy. Exercise is most beneficial for a diabetic as it makes it easier to control your blood glucose (blood sugar) level.  People with type 2 diabetes have too much glucose in their blood, either because their body doesn’t produce enough insulin to process it, or because their body doesn’t use insulin properly (insulin resistant).  In either case, exercise can reduce the glucose in your blood – when you exercise, your muscles get the glucose they need and in turn your blood glucose level goes down.  If you’re insulin resistant, exercise actually makes your insulin more effective.  This occurs as your insulin resistance goes down when you exercise and you cells can use glucose more effectively.

What exercises are good for me if I have diabetes?

Firstly, anything that gets you moving.  People will tell you if you that “you must do resistance training.” or “you must exercise 5 times a week.” But, we know for a fact that anything EXTRA that you do does help, as long as it is regular!
So, do you like anything that is below?  These are some suggestions for you to discuss with your doctor or Exercise Physiologist as a medium to get you more active, and having some fun in the process hopefully!
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Golfing
  • Weight training
  • Water aerobics

The DES (Diabetes Exercise Superstar) program

Vector Health & Performance is commencing a program just for people with Diabetes Type II in April 2018.  This program can be bulk-billed so really at no cost to you!

The program includes an initial assessment with our Exercise Physiologist and 8 group exercise and education sessions.  Veronica Mills, Diabetes Educator from Diabetes On Track is on hand to provide education and support to you as part of the program.

For more information and to register your interest please call 4927 8190 or email reception@vectorhealth.com.au



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