Opportunity for Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Are you a Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach looking for some work experience?

Vector Health and Performance is offering 2 intern positions specifically for Level 1 ASCA qualified coaches or an Exercise and Sports Science Student at least in year 2:

Two teams to work with are:

  1. Capricorn Claws – Netball – Central Queensland’s highest level of netball.  Helping to run a Pre-season netball program involving 2 supervised sessions per week, recovery monitoring and assisting with programming, and data monitoring.  This is a 6 week program starting in January 2018.
  2. Rugby League – U18 Capras. Helping to run 2-3 sessions per week including: Strength and Power programming and supervision, Speed, Agility and Fitness session planning and delivery and helping to collect data pertaining to injury prevention and recovery.

Why do this?

There is nothing like practical experience! You get to be mentored by a Level II ASCA Coach who has more than 10 years experience coaching.  The Level 1 Strength and Conditioning qualification is a great start, but practical experience is critical to being able to coach.

Too many people that I see interview for jobs now, and they have done 4 years of uni, when you ask what experience they have, the only experience they can draw on was compulsory practical experience at university or a hospitality job.  I am for hospitality as a great grounding for all health professionals!!  BUT… if you want to coach or “work with athletes” which is the classic tag line of a lot of people, then start in university!!  2 hours a week x 156 weeks is 312 hours of practical experience!  2 hours per week is not a lot of time, but used wisely adds up to be a great help to you and probably the organisation you gave it to!

Is Strength and Conditioning Experience Required?

It would be helpful if you have practical training experience – especially in coaching movements but this is not essential.

What is essential is your passion, energy and commitment.  You get to work with great athletes with great attitudes.

You have to be able to communicate well, in consise and age appropriate ways.  You need to set a shining light example to your athletes.

Training Provided?

Glenn Hansen, Head Coach Vector Health and Performance will personally supervise the programs and will help upskill you throughout this period.  There are potential for employment opportunities during and post this internship.

How to apply?

Please email following information:

  1. Blue Card copy current or criminal history check if you have one.
  2. Resume focusing on any references who can provide evidence of your communication abilities.
  3. Cover Letter covering three things: Describe why you want to do this?  What do you want to do in terms of your career? What are your two main strengths you will bring to your athletes that will help achieve better performance?


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