What do you look for in an online coach?

Online Coaching can produce great results

A coach’s life is one of ups and downs.  I know on a weekly basis, my life takes different turns.  A mentor of mine said to me that I get too involved with people I coach, but in the same breath he also said that is why I get really good results with individual athletes, and why I know my athletes like the lines on my hands.

My personal belief is the better I know you, as an athlete, the better I know how to make you better.  I can look at you move, but I also want to know what you are thinking and why.  I have said to a few people in the past, that if you want to come and be coached by me, you need to be prepared to engage back and forth and to want to do that.

So, the way we do online coaching is to get to know our athletes by programming every week, so that each week, you are guaranteed to get a “check in” by the athlete.  This is critical to getting to know the athlete and what is impacting them on a weekly or daily basis.  There is no good in writing an 8 week program with someone who is not in front of you.  As a coach, you change things around for people who are in front of you, so this is what I try to do for athletes I coach online.

A example of some of the content we try to produce to help our athletes is here: About hip mobility and showing you how you can test yourself to demonstrate deficiencies if you have them in hip extension.

Online Coaching Practical Client Experience


From a coaching point of view I will give an example of an athlete who we believe benefited massively from the switchto cycling programming to weekly programming.  ONe of our trampoline athletes, who has been an international athlete now representing Austrlia for 20 years, was doing really well at improving his strength and power in the gym.  With a SC training age of approximately 2 years, we wanted to improve reactive strength and power particularly, and especially keep the focus on landing mechanics.

The switch to weekly programming for us coaches, have seen a 28% increase in strength over a 9 month period.  We have seen a 9% increase in vertical jump, and the qualitative changes that we have seen is the change in landing stability and capability.  Trampolining is a touch sport on your body. Incidentally, since the switch, we have been able to monitor recovery closer, we have been able to set training systems that are almost impossible to explain in a training cycle program and we have been able to monitor training load on a week to week basis to avoid over-reaching and therefore improving the ongoing improvement in strength and power.

Culminating with a medal at world championships this year, and an injury free preparation, the switch to weekly programming has seen massive benefits for us as coaches, as we strive to help our athletes improve and to stay injury-free.

Online Coaching Set Up

We take you through an assessment process that involves the following:

  1. Personality Profiling – to help us work best with you, to understand how you communicate best.
  2. Injury and Illness Screening – past and present symptoms covered to let us understand how to program to set you up to be bulletproof.
  3. Stages of your seasons or training – when are you key competitions? What cycle are you in now? What do you need from us RIGHT NOW and then how do we incorporate long-term planning into your program i.e. whats you medium and long-term focus?
  4. Who is your coach and your support network?

Who is your Coach?

Glenn Hansen has more than 15 years of strength and conditioning coaching experience and more than 4 years of competitive powerlifting coaching experience.  “My interests lie within strength, power and speed coaching of athletes and the effects of stress, training and recovery play into making these components better in an athlete.”

Glenn has coached at two World Championship Powerlifting Events for Australia.  He has coached multiple world championship medalists on the platform, and 2 national champions.  He has also coached at a Queensland level for Cricket, and been involved across many different sporting academy and institute programs over the years across sports such as track and field (athletics), basketball, netball, AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Swimming.

Here is a recent article about velocity based coaching that Glenn wrote and produced a short video on:

What can you expect from our coaching?

An unrelenting focus on technique.

An approach that is more about you as a person than the weight you lift.  We want you to enjoy training, to enjoy competing and whatever happens after that, is bonus!

A distinct focus on long-term health and success.  We want to see you lifting with us in 10 years, not lift for 2 years and break apart.  This is the same, no matter the sport.

A focus on goal setting and committment to helping you achieve these.

Unrivalled support, and accountability for you as an athlete.

We expect of you.  This means you need to be prepared to work hard, and especially give feedback.

How do I become involved?

Very Simple:

There are no fancy tricks or fancy automated email sequences with our coaching programs.  We do have automated content that we do provide to some athletes to do with the following topic:

  1. ACL prevention program – can be provided for free as part of our committment to injury prevention.
  2. Our blog – provides regular updates on research and practical ideas you can implement into training to improve. We share these on our Facebook Page, which you are welcome to like here 

To become involved please send your name, phone number or skype contact, your location and your sport or interest to glenn@vectorhealth.com.au. We will send you more information after this and arrange a time to sit down with you and go through our online assessments with you.

You can call 07 4927 8190 for any information during 9-3 or contact Glenn Hansen directly on 0402 435 195.

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