School Holiday Clinics at Vector Health

Are you looking for something for your child or teenager to do in the school holidays?

Starting on 5 December, we are coordinating athletic development programs during the school holiday season.  Its an ideal time to train hard, and grow fitter, faster and stronger in preparation for the next year ahead now!

Camp Options

9-13 year old Contact Sport Development Program: Starting 11 December


Monday, Wednesday 3:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday 4:30pm

Big focus here is on moving your own b odyweight, teaching technique of the key movement patterns and to improve running, change of direction and agility technique.  There are 4 sessions in the week, with an emphasis on education throughout. We aim to make the training session environment fun and as engaging as possible whilst still working really hard on being better!  There is only 12 spots available for this clinic!



14-18 year old Contact Sport Development Program: Starting 11 December

9:30am Monday, Wednesday Friday

4:30pm Monday and Wednesday

Do you play AFL, rugby, or rugby league?  This clinic will get you training like a professional for a week!  The focus for this week is on building work capacity, and giving young athletes tools and strategies they can use to improve core strength, mobility, speed, agility and fitness for next year.



Basketball and Netball Performance Clinic (2 weeks) starting 5 December 2017

Tuesday 6:30pm

Wednesday 5:30pm

If you play Netball or Basketball, and are aged between 12-16yrs of age and you want to improve vertical leap, your speed around the court and your ability to stay in the contest longer and dominate in the contest, then this clinic is for you.  We have available 4 sessions over two weeks or 2 sessions over 2 weeks, whichever suits you better.



Swimming Specific Camp age 12 to open. Only 8 spots available in each clinic with Head Coach, Glenn Hansen

Swimming is one of the most complicated sports when it comes to the pure mechanics of performance.  Shoulder injuries especially are common amongst swimmers due to the forces at certain angles of the swim stroke generated.  This clinic is about taking the research of elite athlete performance and applying it down to you or your child in a way that is understandable.  The clinics are small in nature to allow for Glenn to spend time with every person individually.

Monday 18th December 6pm



General Athletic Development Program for 9-13 year olds – December

If your child has not got a lot of training experience, or wants to try something fun and engaging and learn about improving core strength, speed and agility in the holidays this is the clinic to try!  With 3 sessions planned over the week, its a great way to let your child experience athletic training!

Starting 12 December – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am


Why do we do School Holiday Clinics?

We know how busy the year is.  Training young athletes and trying to make significant impacts on their physical performance can be tough when there are so many competing priorities.  So, we like to do the school holiday clinics to focus on teaching the key performance attributes we want to improve as we find that young athletes can take more information in, so that we can just train these attributes during term time.

What if I cannot go to the clinic I want to, because of a schedule problem?

Please call on 4927 8190, or email so that we can help you figure something out to help you or your child.  We can always work out something to help you get involved!

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